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What is a DeepFake?

Many of you have seen a photo or video where a character’s face or voice has been replaced. This literally is the work of the DeepFake algorithm based on Artificial Intelligence (neural network) which is used to replace elements in a video or image.

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Getting to know a new profession

The secrets of a DeepFake creation

Our experts will guide you during the whole stages of making a video

Available to anyone

Our course is easy to master and suits people with any media production experience

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Get a chance to exchange your knowledge with other students after the course completion
We’ll show you the perspectives you your development in the industry and share decent cases
Learn how to make creative modern video content with a DeepFake technology

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Earn from DeepFake videos
Increase subscribers engagement into your social networks
Creatively congratulate your friends and closest ones
Creating DeepFake videos from scratch according to the clear algorithm
Distinguishing an original content from DeepFakes
Making unique videos and promoting it via your brand, service or product

Some examples of a commercial use

Some examples of a commercial use


help me buy all the houses in the area

♬ Pope Is a Rockstar - Sales
@1facerussia Отправь ???? в комменты, если поверил и ???? – если не поверил #никомуневерю #photography #president ♬ Моя голова винтом - марго

Week 3. Post Processing

How to get all of the parts back to one video
Video post processing
Your first DeepFake video
Which models present in DFL (df, liae) and what each of it is used for
Which face shape should be chosen to reach high quality results
What "a sequence" is and why is it necessary when making a DeepFake
System requirements for soft and how to use it on a remote hardware
What is it meant for and where it could be used
What is a DeepFake and how it works

Week 1. Theory

Merger settings and how to get the result from the neural network
What a "model collapse" is and how to prevent it
Setting up the main neural network training
What is a pre-trained model and why do you need it
Checking the result of the mask and additional training
The xseg mask training and why do you need it at all
Preparing the dst for a fake
Preparing the src faceset for a fake
How the program works and how to use it
Where to download a neuronet and how to install it

Week 2. Practice

Concise material with zero complicated theory
Info you can’t find online

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